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Enjoy testimonials from our Anchored in Hope community below.

Ok, so I am not Guru but I am so excited about my journey so far.

I don't have a big list so, I borrowed someone else's.


Yea, I took out a solo ad in a "home business crypto ezine". Essentially, borrowing someone's huge list.

Long story short, I made over $1000 in under 24 hrs.

This Anchored Hope is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Cathy Logan

I got in immediately after receiving an email.

Glad I did. Got paid about $289 so far.

--Lisa Sullivan

I have to say, "I love this".

I have never made over $10 doing anything online, no matter how hyped it was promoted.

I just see mostly down to earth promotion here. And, it is refreshing. Anybody can do this.

I am excited to report, I have received $67 in the past two days.

--Mark Smith

This is really good and just in time for the "make the best profits" season.

I like that it is in actual Bitcoin and not in the Alt coins (it costs crazy fees to have Alt coins converted to BTC to actually withdraw and use as regular cash). I mean like $25 for $1. Which is just stupid.

The way it is here is a whole lot better. You are already in BTC so, you save atleast $25. Well, atleast atleast you only pay the BTC fees and no conversion.

Anyway, I just thought I should mention that so you can make a better educated decision and realize the BTC fee alone, is really the best deal by far.

***************** Oh yea, I have made over $720 to date. Not too shabby for a few days involved. Right?! *****************

--Paula McFadden

We all are pulled every which way during this PANDEMIC!

But do not settle yourself into the scenario of hopelessness!

First of all, know that life in its reality, stinks! Look around you at all the misery of what's happening around the world!

Lets put misery to the test and lose it to a better you, a positive you to begin the steps to help yourself and others financially!

Do yourself a favor! Get off that couch pull up a chair and go here to this website called ANCHORED HOPE BIZ!

We are HERE for you to a beautiful financial future!

I'm glad I did, so I'm here paving the way for someone else's success as well as mine!


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